Drain Cleaning Dublin

Here we have an interesting emergency blocked drain call out where building works were being completed at a neighbouring property in Swords, North Dublin.

On inspection of the customers drain is was apparent that some of the building works debris had managed to find its way into there drainage system and causing it to completely block up.

Before calling us out the building contractors had attempted to clear the drain blockage themselves using drain rods. But Unfortunately one of the drain rods got stuck in the drainage system.

We used our high-pressure water jet machine to clean the drain system. Once the drain system was clean, we were able to maneuver the rod that was stuck out of the drains.

After finishing the drain cleaning we proceeded to do a quick survey with our CCTV camera to show that the drain rod and building debris were properly removed and our work was now complete.

At the end of the job we cleared, cleaned, tested and disinfected the area and the customer was very happy and complimentary about our drainage services.

If you are experiencing a blocked drain or require drain cleaning, call A1 Drains in Swords On 01 6613813 or through our contact page.