Drain Maintenance Dublin

Recommended drain maintenance tasks before winter sets in.

A1 Drains is recommending that Dublin home owners put in place some preventive drain maintenance measures that will only take an hour or two to complete and this will help prevent any serious problems down the line. After one of the hottest summers on record in Ireland, winter is finally starting to set in, and with the low temperatures and frost that is due this week, the leaves on the trees will fall at an unprecedented rate.

Clear Drain Covers and Gutters

We ask residents to start cleaning out there gutters and rain water drains to reduce the risk of flooding that’s caused by drains been blocked or clogged up. One of the most common blocked drain call outs we receive in the winter months is where a rain water drain or kitchen sink gully has been blocked or clogged by leaves.

The leaves if left in the drain can become very thick and soggy and will completely block the natural flow of your drain or sewer pipes. All the soggy leaves clogging your drains can be pulled away and put in your garden waste bin or compost heap. You can use gloves and a shovel if there are lots of places you need to clean out and ensure the drains on your property are completely cleared of any leaves or debris.

We highly recommend that drain maintenance tasks are carried out before the frosty Winter weather sets in!

At A1 Drains in Dublin, we can assist you in unblocking any drainage system clogged with winter leaves. Contact us today on 01 6613813 to discuss your drainage issue and we’ll arrange an appointment for our drain cleaning engineer to visit.