Drains Repairs Dun Laoghaire County Dublin

A1 Drains repair team were out in Dun Laoghaire Co Dublin earlier this week, to carry out drain repairs and replacement before the home owners planned kitchen extension could be started.

Having previously surveyed the drains in the property to ascertain what the problem was. It became apparent that their was some broken drain sections and sewers trap within the drain network. After digging the existing drains up and prepairing the trenches for laying new pipe circuit. We had to complete a relining of the existing vitrified clay pipe and run a new pvc pipe line in some sections of the drains that where too bad to be repaired or relined.

Having completed these drain repair works, we put in our cctv drain survey camera to inspect the drains again and to show our happy client.

If you are having any problems with your drains or would like a free drain repair quotation, please contact A1 Drains and we can arrange a site visit.

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