Localised Patch Drain Repairs

A1 Drains have been patching drains in Dublin for many a years now. When traditional excavation is difficult or there is awkward or little access, localised patch repairs are a fast, cost efficient method of rehabilitating pipework to a length of usually around half a metre. Remedial work can include re-forming the pipe if necessary and then installing the patch liner.

Epros Drain Packer Patch Kit

We would firstly clean fully out the drain using our high pressure water jetting machine and root cutting heads. The drain would be fully checked using our on board CCTV camera’s after cleaning to ensure the drain is ready for installing our localised patch liner. The Drain Packer Patch kit we use is suitable for the sectional repair of damaged buried gravity sewer pipes. Applications are Ideal when there is leakage with or without groundwater infiltration or ex-filtration at pipe joints, pipe walls, lateral junctions, Offset pipes, cracks and debris, ruptures, Mechanical wear or Corrosion.

The Benefits are that it repairs damage in the pipe and joint region over a length of 0.5 metres even in case of strong infiltration. This enables us to close lateral junctions and repair pipes of nominal diameters. This patch repair kit can also be used for egg-shaped pipes of different sizes


We cut the correct size of fibre glass matting liner material and connect our inflatable packer to a set of air rods and mark the position of the repair onto them. We mix our silicate resin chemicals and impregnate the fibre glass matting. The patch liner is folded and wrapped around the inflatable packer before being inserted to the correct position in the pipe. We use the CCTV camera system to check the position and also check the patch liner has not folded or moved in while been inserted into the pipe. The patch is then inflated using air pressure to mould the patch to the inside of the pipe. The inflator is left in place until the patch liner has fully cured. The chemicals in the patch line cure with natural ambient temperature.

Epros Drain Packer Repair kit Video

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