Rat chewed toilet multiwick drumcondra

Recently our team of emergency drain engineers was responding to a call out in Drumcondra Dublin 9 for a strange smell coming from the first floor bathroom.

On inspection of the toilet it was clear to see that they had a rat swim up the soil stack as far as the toilet flexible multi wick. He must of been a large rat as he couldn’t get through the s-bend on the toilet. The clever little fellow decided he would chew through the flexible toilet multi wick instead.(see image above).

Believe it or not rats are really good at swimming and are great at holding their breath for up to three minutes and can tread water for several days. There playground is underground drain and sewer networks, sewer rats can sometimes find their way into sewers and pipes that lead up into our toilets.

A1 Drains recommends that where there are signs of rodents present that the home owner has a Ratflap installed in the drain where the main drain enters the drain on the property.

For a free quotation for Ratflap installation please call us on 01 6613 813.