Ratflap For Drains & Sewer Lines

When it comes to rat control solutions in Dublin, They say prevention is better than cure. Well that can be said about the new Ratflap for drains and sewers. The Ratflap is designed to keep rats and rodents from entering your business or property through the drainage network.

How The Ratflap Works

The Ratflap simply works by denying rodents access from the main sewer into the drainage pipes that are servicing your home or business. This clever little device will stop rats and rodents from breaking out of any damaged pipework underground avoiding the need to dig the pipe up to find the problem, which may have given them access to your property.

  • The most Robust and long lasting available
  • Full Stainless Steel manufactured
  • Simple fit into clay or plastic pipework

The Ratflap can be installed easily and quickly in drainage systems coming from upstream or downstream direction due to its reversible flap.
This ratflap device is available in 4″ (100mm) and 6″ (150mm), other sizes available upon request.
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Rat Flaps for drains & pipes
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Rats, Rodents are in Almost Every Dublin Drain & Sewer

If you notice holes between 50 to 60 mm in diameter around your drain covers or manhole covers this is a sure sign of a rat run. Also below are common signs they are present on the property,

  • Rat Holes
  • Rat Droppings
  • Rat Nests
  • Rat Foot Prints
  • Scratching Noises

If you’ve noticed suspicious signs of rats in your business or property, it’s important to act quickly to control the level of infestation.

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